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“oh, i have plenty of time”
- every cosplayer ever (via timeanddivision)

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Here’s a Mirai makeup + wig progress photo!
Besides touchups with said makeup and wig, all I have left is her blue fuku top and then I’m done!!! *・゜゚・*☆ 
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RAW cosplay supplies! I have my (untouched) Kuriyama wig and my (unpainted) glasses for her as well! AND I got some gorgeous taffeta for Sailor Neptune!!! 

(Argh I hate bad lighting, the colors look so yellow!)
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"B-b-byakuya-sama!❤️" #danganronpa #toukofukawa #腐川冬子 #cosplay

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Fake nerd guys pandering for female attention. 
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Merry Christmas to me! The Sailor Neptune Wig I ordered came in today!! I’m so excited! It looks more green in person, I’m not sure why it looks quite so teal as it does in this picture. But still, I’m super happy about it!
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